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Who are we?

Horse Training Packages was established by Mark Pilkington, a man who has been involved in the international thoroughbred industry and Australian horse racing for more than 30 years as an auctioneer, breeder, administrator, owner and more notably bloodstock advisor for one of the country’s most prominent racing empires.

Mark saw the impact of financial challenges for trainers and escalating costs for owners – and developed a solution that supports owners, trainers and the sport of racing.



Horse Training Packages began with a holistic goal: ‘To turn the current industry structure on its head and achieve sustainable racing for all stakeholders’.

That meant a focus on improving the viability of both trainer and owner and, as a result, improving the relationship between the two stakeholders.

Historically owners have been billed for items they don’t understand, trainers are chasing money from owners, subcontractors are chasing payments from trainers and owners, syndicates and social groups are chasing money from shareholders… no wonder the fun was taken out of owning or training a horse.

The solution is simple. Offer transparent, fixed price training without any surprises, then offer a significant discount for owners to pay upfront!




“Fundamentally it is simple – a cashflow solution for trainers and a better deal for the owners – however, in reality the structure that we developed is much, much more.

Horse Training Packages represents real progress – assisting trainers to financially secure their businesses while containing and discounting fees for their owners. Ultimately we are assisting the industry to move forward.

The aspect I genuinely love about the solution is that everyone wins… and that is rare in this game! I can look both trainers and owners in the eye and say that this is a great deal for both parties.

A genuine win win!”

- Mark Pilkington


About Pilkthagoras

a win-win formula and the future of Australian racing

Pilkthagoras is not only the perfect technical formula to critically assess the training fee structure within a thoroughbred horse training stable, but it also embodies the genuine intention of Horse Training Packages and it’s founder Mark Pilkington to ensure that all parties in racing have an optimum outcome.

We have worked tirelessly with some of Australia’s best industry specific accounting and financial groups, to ensure the formula we apply to every trainers financial model delivers a fair and equitable assessment, of an average annual horse training package, for both owner and trainer.

“It is our strong belief that having a conduit, a liquidity solution for horse trainers, will provide enormous flow on benefits for most horse industry stakeholders including raceclubs, breeders, owners, suppliers and other service providers.

The tripartite agreement between HTP, owners & trainers incorporates compliance issues such as the PPSA (Personal Properties Securities Act) and in the event of any disputes provides an arm’s length legal platform for resolution.”

Adam Tims
B.Comm, CA
Managing Director – Stable Financial


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