Cobalt Crisis

Cobalt Crisis – what does it mean for you? 
Since the recent spate of positive swabs (for a variety of substances over several states) HTP has been inundated with enquiries, from Owners and Trainers, seeking clarity on the protection that our prepaid Horse Training Packages provide.

While HTP’s existing clients are comforted knowing their interests are covered, we are taking this opportunity to confirm to others the details of the provisions within our trainer and owner tripartite agreements that cover all circumstances that may eventuate.

Termination clauses within the (Mills Oakley Lawyers) drafted contracts offer owners total comfort that their prepaid fees can be redirected to an alternative trainer in the event of their existing trainer being disqualified.

Your discounted prepaid HTP fees are Safe!

Trainers facing serious charges are also entitled to the presumption of innocence. Speculation can lead to horses leaving their stable, which in turn causes serious financial difficulty. The cash flow and sustainability created by the prepaid HTP’s can provide stability during difficult times.

Let’s not forget… Our trainers are the GATEWAY to the industry, we need to provide new levels of sustainability for them and invite them to embrace new levels of Governance.

Horse Training Packages ‘Approved Trainer Deeds’ are clearly set out and are by no means onerous. Via these agreements owners not only provide trainers financial security, but the implied patience to develop the equine athletes we all love in a manner we expect.

At HTP we appreciate it is near impossible to separate ‘our horses’ and ‘the commerce’ surrounding them, but we feel our product – which is Structured, Accountable and Fair –  is playing a part in reshaping industry participants expectations and behaviours.


Kind regards

Mark Pil​kington
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