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Pilkington’s Profile – Bluebloods March Edition

The March edition of Bluebloods features a great personality profile on Mark Pilikington:

If they gave awards for industry “all rounder” Mark Pilkington would certainly be a favourite to take the title. He has been involved in most aspects of the thoroughbred industry in the past 40 years, and has gained respect and accolades along the way. These days he’s helping owners and trainers via his innovative Horse Training Packages and enjoying racing a few horses with friends.

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Pilkington’s Package – Inside Racing Article

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Why does the industry need horse training packages?

Traditionally, horse training costs can seem expensive and unpredictable and trainer’s management of cashflow can be complex.
Horse Training Packages (HTP) has developed a product that simplifies the financial arrangements between owners and trainers, ensuring that owners are aware upfront of costs and can benefit from a discount, while trainers are better able to manage cashflow.

The need is evident as trainers strive for financial efficiencies and owners demand billing transparency and consultation.


How is the fixed price fee ascertained?

HTP is independent from owners and trainers. Our financial model – called Pilkthagoras – determines a fair and equitable training package for your nominated horse by averaging the annual costs of at least 5 similar profile horses with data from your horse trainer’s historical charge rate.


What does my training package include?

To ensure that your horse training package is simple and represents a fair and equitable package for both parties ALL costs associated with educating ,training and spelling your horse are included* , with the exclusion of the following extraordinary costs.

Confirmation of Owners’ obligations.

  • Insurance of the Horse and any cost thereof.
  • Horse registration and all administrative costs related to registering the horse.
  • The cost of sales and breeding incentive schemes related to any horses.
  • The full amount of the cost of interstate and international staff travel costs;
  • The full amount of any stable bonus as per existing training agreement.

Extraordinary costs only to be incurred after the Owner Representative authorises the expenditure

  • The full amount of individual vet bills or predictive procedures/surgery which total $1,100 and above.
  • The full amount of individual farrier bills/predictive procedures which total $440 and above.
  • The full amount of individual one way transport bills which total $550 and above.
  • The full amount of individual nomination and acceptance fees which total $1,100 and above.
  • The full amount of ALL Group and Listed race nominations, acceptances and scratching fees.


Trainers have agreed to discuss the need for this expenditure with you and to get your approval before incurring the cost. If you approve the cost, the trainer will invoice you directly.

You are no longer just the person paying – welcome to the decision table!

Does the 12 month package only run for the financial year?

The package can commence at any time during the year. It could start immediately with an existing horse in the stable and can also coincide with the arrival of a new horse into your trainer’s care or a new purchase at the sales.


Does this saving suit me?

HTP packages are HORSE SPECIFIC and open to all ownership groups, regardless of how many individuals or syndicates are involved. Both official and non-official syndicate managers who find the monthly billing system an administrative burden will only need to address the occasional exclusion directly, and enjoy the reduced administration with fixed price training fees.


Nominate a manager to liaise with HTP and start saving.

The well documented discount service may assist in budgeting, tax planning* and new horse allocation. As with all financial transactions we recommend you seek advice from your taxation and management accountant*.


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