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Owners rewards

Horse Training Packages is simple. You pay a fixed price for 12 months training up front and receive a significant discount on the fees. This assists your budgeting and lets you then enjoy the year knowing there will be no surprise bills.




Horse Training Packages has an exclusive agreement with trainers. If the trainer meets Horse Training Packages compliance contracts we secure a significant number of paid up front training packages.

For trainers, that means improved cashflow and less paperwork, so they can concentrate on training your horse.

For owners, it means a significantly reduced fee and a simple and clear approach for syndicates and ownership groups.

This is an exclusive and limited offer with each trainer.

Horse Training Packages is the ONLY way to secure an independently monitored, legally binding, set fee, all-inclusive package that incorporates discounts and trainer accountability… we have done all the hard work, so you can reap the savings!



Owner Benefits

  • Save 12% on training fees
  • Structured, accountable and transparent training fees
  • No financial surprises
  • Unprecedented fixed priced racing
  • Paid upfront for 12 months, no monthly accounts
  • Capacity to budget accurately
  • No need to chase fellow shareholders
  • Convenience of no monthly accounts
  • No subcontractor accounts
  • More consultative relationship with trainer
  • Focus on the fun of racing
  • Potential for tax planning*


*Consult your taxation adviser to ascertain eligibility


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