Race these Blueblood colts with DT and Pilk

30% of these well credentialed colts are for sale

These colts did not meet their reserve at last week’s Magic Millions sale so we are inviting our friends and colleagues to join us in racing them at a discounted market price.

They have the credentials to be highly sought after stallions if good enough, yet are bought at a price that they can be gelded and raced or traded successfully if they are not elite. They both have a magnificent, athletic walk, are by Australia’s champion Stallions and are from elite race mares.Statistics show the first few foals of such mares have a high probability of producing elite racehorses- let’s hope so!

David Hayes has purchased a share in the Sweet Sanette colt. He trains his 550k older brother and will now be training Sweet Sanette also.

We have yet to allocate a trainer for the Sistine Angel colt so we are open to the suggestions in this regard.

Costs associated with the colts: 

   Sistine Angel 2014    Sweet Sanette 2014
Purchase Price    $265,000    $325,000
Insurance (12 months)    $9,573.75    $11,718.18
Post Sales Costs    $2,000    $2,000
MPM (one off fee)    $2,500    $2,500
Fees till June 2016    $15,000    $15,000
Sub Total    $294,073.75    $356,218.18
GST    $29,407.38    $35,621.82
TOTAL    $323,481.13    $391,840
Total    $715,321.12


This is not a Managed Investment Scheme. The horses have been deemed suitable for racing purposes by an independent veterinary surgeon.

You will receive updates directly from your trainer and you will be involved in the decision making process on a day-to-day basis in relation to your horse. Your share of any prize-money earned will be sent directly to your nominated bank account.

Please note once the horses have been broken in and the initial $15000 in fees has been spent it is expected they will go on to HTPs (prepaid annual discounted training packages).

Kind regards,
Mark Pilkington