What our clients are saying...

Costa Feneridis

“In our time racing thoroughbreds with Mark Pilkington, we have been introduced to his Horse Training Packages (HTP).

Mark has created a product which allows all parties involved to enjoy the actual racing while eliminating issues with administration and payments.

Financially the owner/s enjoy discounts, trainers can focus on training, and the monthly administration burden is eliminated.

I highly recommend HTP.”


 Costa Feneridis, John Collinson





Breeders and part owners of future star He’s Our Rokkii


Mark Dawson

“After racing horses for many years I have found the HTP to be the most efficient and cost effective method of paying for Trainers and associated costs.

The discount provided by HTP and the elimination of complicated and annoying bills makes the whole process of racing horses much more enjoyable.

I am sure it is sheer coincidence that we have also had a run of G1 contenders this year with our HTP horses.”


Mark Dawson and some of his partners celebrating Extra Choice’s Geelong Classic win and Keen Array’s Blue Sapphire victory.


David Hayes

“My training business is no different to my clients businesses – we all need cash-flow.
Understanding the issues from both an owner and trainer perspective has armed Pilk and HTP with the tools to develop a structured, fair and accountable product that benefits all participants.

The limited number of HTPs we offered were taken up very quickly by a range of clients.”

Trainer - David Hayes

David Hayes
Lindsay Park
Hall of Fame Trainer




Peter Devitt

I have been involved in racing and breeding horses since 1986. When Mark Pilkington explained his Horse Training Packages to me, I was apprehensive at the start, but Mark was convincing enough for me to trial three packages for a twelve month period.

I have entered: Fast ‘N’ Rocking; Bradman; Poitier. Six months have passed and I can say I am a convert, the packages are brilliant. It’s a win/win situation for all concerned.

  1. The owner receives a 12% discounted, twelve month training package, in return for paying in advance;
  2. The product significantly reduces administration and exposure to potential bad debts for the trainer;
  3. Mark is paid a modest management fee to administer and oversee the packages.

The whole arrangement is fully transparent and I highly recommend Mark Pilkington’s Horse Training Packages to any horse owner that has the cash flow or the capacity to pay his or her training in advance.”

peter devittB

Peter Devitt
Managing Director
L.U. Simon Builders Pty Ltd




Rick Brockwell

“I have been racing horses for 30 years. During this time I have introduced a substantial number of people to the industry. The issues surrounding organising people and getting paid had taken the fun out of my racing.

Now we are on Horse Training Packages it makes it so much easier. My partners, who all love and appreciate the 12% discount, have all signed authorisation forms allowing me to act as our Owners Representative. Now it flows seamlessly.”


Rick Brockwell
Managing Director
Brolec Electrical 




Adam Tims

“We have over 100 clients in the horse industry mainly horse owners and breeders. What they are telling us is, they want greater certainty around costs in the industry. They want to reduce those costs and ideally build strong relationships with trainers and others in the industry.

What I find is that Horse Training Packages provides that framework. Horse owners and trainers can work together to help reduce costs and bring some much needed liquidity into the horse industry.

It is a product that is much needed it will contribute to reducing wastage and from what I am seeing from our own client base this is something they are asking for they really want.”


Adam Tims B.Comm, CA
Stable Financial
Treasurer for;
•Thoroughbred Breeders Australia/ Victoria
•Victorian Jockeys Association


Darren Thomas

“I race horses with business colleagues from all over the world. The monthly administration involved with owning horses has been an impediment to getting new players into the game.

Through Horse Training Packages I have been able to offer these professionals an all inclusive 12 month package incorporating the type of governance they are used to.

Assisting my trainers of choice with their cash flows is the icing on the cake for me.”


Darren Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Foods International




Janice Thompson & Colin McKenna

We paid for our HTP package with prize money Gregers earned during her Autumn preparation.

Our partners agreed it was a great opportunity to make a significant saving on training fees without drawing down from our personal funds.

Our syndicate can now enjoy the Spring races knowing that if Gregers form warrants it and David wants to keep her in training for longer than planned- our savings escalate even further.

You don’t realise how much time you spend attending to monthly administration on your horses until you get the time back.

We can’t wait till the product is available for our Warrnambool trainers as they desperately need this type of structure and support. ”

Janice & Colin

Janice Thompson & Colin McKenna
Proprietor Midfield Group
Committee Warrnambool Racing Club




Danny Power

‘Pilkington’s eye for a horse is matched by his good humour and ability to handle the pressures of being the middleman between a vast array of owners of different financial status and the trainers. He can see both sides of the story.

Danny Power
Inside Running