It's time you were in the black!

What will HTP do for me?

Whether you have one horse or one hundred, we know as a professional trainer that cashflow is one of the hardest things to manage.

Horse Training Packages offers the perfect solution to combat debt and chasing of owners and suppliers for payment. It allows you to lock in revenue, secure your cashflow and train your horses without commercial constraints.

Our service contract allows you to focus on training horses and building a positive, more inclusive relationship with your owners.


How it works for Trainers

The process is simple. Horse Training Packages will buy a commercial number of‘12 month training packages’ from you.

These packages are all-inclusive, fixed price packages that represent a fair and equitable training fee for your stable.*

Upon agreement, we financially secure these packages with you upfront and then present the strictly limited opportunity to your owners.

In return for the upfront payment you offer a discounted fee, which enables us to pass on significant savings to the owners.

Now you can get on with training horses knowing the money is in the bank!

*These packages are based on comprehensive financial models to ensure an equitable product for all parties. The basic annual fee is determined by ‘Pilkthagoras’, our financial model developed by our accountants.

We have worked with both general and industry specific legal and financial teams to structure our business around the stringent tripartite agreement to safeguard you and your owners.


TRAINER Benefits

  • Training fees secured up front for 12 months
  • Improved cashflow
  • Potential reduced interest payments
  • Protection under HTP contract
  • Able to focus on training
  • Horse and client retention
  • Reduced administration costs
  • More bargaining power with industry services
  • More consultative relationship with your owners
  • Improved debtor position
  • Exclusivity and limited supply
  • Built in mediation capacity

Most importantly – HAPPY OWNERS!

Current Trainers

Trainers who are training horses on HTPs right now…

  • Lindsay Park Racing
  • Mick Price Racing
  • McEvoy Mitchell Racing
  • Andrew Noblet Racing
  • Leon Macdonald Racing


And new for 2016…
  • Gai Waterhouse
  • Lee and Anthony Freedman
  • Trent Busuttin and Natalie Young
  • Jason Warren
  • Bjorn Baker
  • Neville Parnham